Day 18

"The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success." 

Bruce Feirstein

Share your 💻 office for the day. 

💕 Today I want you to focus on 5-7 bullet points on the benefits of your biz/working from home. 

⭐️ Space our each bullet point so your audience doesn’t get overwhelmed with full paragraphs. 

➖ Point 1

➖ Point 2

➖ Etc - Making it easier for your audience to follow...

🚫 Don’t share how much to join. Product name or company name. 

✅ Focus on benefits. Focus on the problems it solves. 

〽️Use PicTapGo to bring your pics to life. 

〽️Lumyer or Werble to add animated features. 

Use 🦋 emojis and #hashtags